Stan's Disco Stats And History About Stan's Disco Scene
Stan started doing weddings back in 1973 as a Mobile DJ.  The equipment was very primitive at the time. Back then  there was no Disco….Not Yet! Stan played Rock & Roll until  Larry Hartman approached Harry Weiss who owned the  Show Bar on 5th & Willow with a new concept of DJs  spinning records. Harry went with the idea and three guys  with records and sound equipment went to work with Larry  Hartman leading the team as the DJ and Larry Perini, and  Stan Horst on the sound equipment. Larry Hartman and  Larry Perini moved on to pursue other adventures and Stan  remained behind to spin records at the Show Bar Disco.  A movie called Saturday Night Fever staring John Travolta  came out in 1977 which lead Stan to expand the Mobile DJ  business by adding more DJs and Sound equipment till he was  able to have 8 Disco units going at a time.  In 1977 Stan was then called to the Treadway Inn to provide  Disco music in the Lobby/Lounge which was eventually moved  to the Ballroom.  Stan’s Disco averaged between 400 and 450 in attendance with  535 being the most in attendance at the Treadway Inn now known as the Quality Inn.  Stan also started to cater to the younger crowd by playing at the Annville Fire Hall till that  became too small to host the growing crowd of dancers.  Stan’s moved the weekly dances to Lebanon Catholic HS where it started to grow in  attendance up to 1,350 kids dancing on a Saturday night which also is where we aired The  Stan’s Disco Dance Shows on local TV. This started to create a parking problem at the  neighboring Pushnik’s Nightclub. In 1978 Stan’s Disco relocated to the Robert Hall Building in  Annville, which became the home base for Stan’s Disco.  In 1978 Stan’s Disco got recognized in the National Billboard Magazine and also was the  Cover Story in  local magazines in 1979.  To this day Stan is operating two DJ Companies, Hard Drive DJs and  Stan’s DJ Entertainment, which employs his two sons Cory and Craig  Horst.  Up to this point in time Stan’s DJs have appeared at over 6,148 functions  and events. Hopefully Cory and Craig will carry on the DJ business when  Stan decides to call it quits.  Here are some of the Stan's Disco T-Shirts that were produced during the  Disco Phenomenon. There are 2 or 3 styles missing but in the most part  these were the most popular ones. The pictures have a brief description  and date of when they were produced. The T-Shirts were offered in 10  different colors.  Click Here To See Comments From Previous Disco Parties
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